Monday, August 10, 2009

The pannndemic.

The H1N1 virus finally 'landed' in my campus.
Apparently 10 people in my batch are suspected with this flu.
AND yet.. They are not closing down the coll.
Well, closing down or no closing down is not really a big deal.
oo look who's talking lol.
(actually it is a big deal la wtf more time to sleep what)
They said if it does, we are so gonna have night classes to replace. O.o

Today, a lecturer from faculty of medic came and told us bout how serious this is and that we had to fill in these ::

Self-declaration form.
Thankfully Im far from having those mentioned symptoms and are in contact with anyone with those symptoms.
IN SHORT, I iz healthy! (for now)
I'm actually quite paranoid of it at a moment but looking back at that moment, I think its somewhat funny wtf.

Oh Hai can you see my smilling face wtf.
Hurmph, decided to play with masks instead.
They actually give out masks and hand sanitizers and the masks are like those ninja ones, its either my face is too small or my mask is too big, it practically 'swallowed' my face and make my mouth look big ny.

So my advise is do sanitize yr hands peeps, that solution might stink but it helps.

Till then,
Happy sanitizing!
Don't say "aiya" nevermind.
You had been warned.


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