Saturday, August 15, 2009

Finals! Finals!

Finals are like.. in two weeks time and honestly Im nervous.
Nervous not because Im not very prepared (well partially larh :p) but is because I wanna do well so badly. T___T
Tomorrow, revision class starts and the WHOLE week starting tomorrow is packed with quizzes and test. Whoopie dee Im so excited! =.=''

Hurmph, amidst from the 'excitement', I manage to do a window shopping trip the other day for the final time before exam. Sigh sound so depressing right yea I know. No pain no gain. :x

Tried on a dress.
Forever 21 bodycon two tone high-waisted dress.
Very topshop inspired right? Cheaper somemore. :)
There's a cute ribbon to it also awww. I'm seriously considering to open a blogshop.

Orite enought bout that, back to studies.
I.T class that day was ... so I decided to camwhore.

I can tie my hair already. Oh joy! :D

Hey everybody, say hello to cynthia's hand :D


Baby Kapo servin me right. :)
Oh and Phei Yee got 31/40 for I.T quiz.
Remarkable, isn't it? given that I tembak alot

Dear Lord,
If I can get thru this week,
I should be able to get thru any other weeks to come.


.. and counting

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