Saturday, August 22, 2009

Of random things ALL jumbled up.

My mind is saturated, period.
No more books no more slides please.
Biology is ok but when it comes to physics?

So . . .
Here I am blogging *grins.
Bought some stationary that day for exams. *no more pens dyy, so kesian. T__T
I super love kuasa infiniti G soft ballpoint 5566 blue colour pen!
Too bad they dont sell it at cyberjaya YEA I KNOW RIGHT. Cyberjaya so big, stationary shop sebuah dua buah ny sigh so depressing.
That one still okay I think, pilot got faber caster got all those gempak gempak brand got ny Gsoft dont have sighh whyyy?
So, have to go popular (luckily membercard havent expired)

Speaking bout stationary,
I'm VERY particular when it comes to papers and pens.
Very hard to satisfy me one. Rofl.
I remember the times when I use to buy foolscap papers which must be 80gsm one and i refuse to use popular ones because very thin and cheap wtf. Now?
Guna popular papers nyyy. :p

Kim gary for lunch. Bosco is everywhere. =.=''

Waiter. :x

I punye. :D
MUCH nicer and MUCH cheaper *i think than HK food and tea.
Flash your student card then you'll discounts!

Dia punye.
Droolin already anot you people? :D
Something cheese with tomato something. He said mamak one better. :x


We went to this place for desserts.

Enter the shop also got one kind of smell dy.
The aunty working there was friendly though.
Quite patient with us since my chinese is not very good and mel is totally clueless bout it. She kept explaining the use of the herbal tea and stuff and I was like "Ohh. ok ok zhe yang zhi ya?" "oo ok, wo ming bai liao" wtf. Damn good me chinese.

And you know what, we ordered kuai lin gou, somesort of black herbal jelly.
(reminds me of auntie chulan's and momsie's T__T)
The auntie gave us a teapot and two bowls so I was like, oo ok free tea!
Then I went to eat the jelly, I was like eyyyeeerr so tawar one why not like auntie's or mummy's oneee *grumble grumble grumble
Pour the "tea", then only to discover that, it was actually . . . honey.

Brain then computes ::

Honey + Kuai Lin Gou = Good stuff!
*happy again lalala wtf

Melvin's nightmare.
Sorry la dude, this is good for your heatyness :)

The huge Kuai Lin Gou . Omg sorry la but I dunno how to spell.
Medic students must eat healty food cannot eat Super Ring, horrr melvin?

Okay back to the books.
Dont miss me Ba bai. :x

.. and counting

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