Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Online shoppin is love.

I bought something from the net again.
And it arrived today! *victory dance
Like I said before, you can ALWAYS get good bargains when you shop online, i mean seriously, its wayyy cheaper.
I even plan to start a blogshop with ma girls.

Its here its here its here!! :DDDDDDDD

Unwrappin. *gettin excited.

Whot? Another layer? =.=''

Still unwrappin wtf. Can you guess what is it already anot?


Tadaaa! Say hello to my 32 bucks laptop sleeve yo!
Tell me where to find in shops, tell me tell me te te te te te tellll me. *wondergirls rox wtf.
So hard to find laptop sleeves, i mean nice ones, quality ones, cheap ones,
I went look see look see at pyramid coz my friend said she bought a cheap one from there manatau I go there and see, all average :: 55 bucks and look crappy somemore. T___T
Then I saw in Alicewonders blogshop, can personalise your own sleeve!
BUT its like 50 bucks. T___T
Almost got that, but I found this instead heee~
Google, Saranghaeyo!

Got handle somemore okayy. Still cannot get enough of the ears. Kawaii ne~
Had ice-cream today with this fella here lol
Arghhh satisfaction so long didnt eat icecream dy *big wet eyes.
I know, so kesian right boohoo next time when visit me bring me icecream please.

I'm bringin sexyback. [sexy(side)] wtf.
Gentlemen. :p
Buka pintu untuk I.


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