Thursday, August 13, 2009

SOMEBODY got his xbox back.

Have you ever experience times when you ask yr guy friends / boyfriends / brothers / uncles /cousins to help you do something but then they replied you sayin,

"wait. gaming brb."

I KNOW! DAMN irritating right! Grr.
This is why I hate DOTA, counter strike, general, and whatever boyish games created.

AND horrr, SOMEBODY finally got his xbox back horrr.
I think I will be hearing lots of "wait. gaming brb." or super sloww sms replies.

What happens when one plays too much xbox ::

Lol. Ok larh no larh.
This is actually what happens when you try to teach phei yee physics.
Repeat 3 times also still dont understand. Sighh sorry mel.
AGAIN. 'The Physics and me' dilemma. I DUNNO WHY PHYSICS hate me so much sighh. I study so freaking hard stayed up until 2am summore and all I got was ::


How to get scholarship like that?



.. and counting

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