Sunday, August 2, 2009

xue flake ^^

I dont know how to say snowflakes in chinese.
Can call myself chinese somemore.
I only know xiaxue because xiaxue is xiaxue the blogger but that means snowing, not snowflakes.
I should like stay in china for a month and buck up my chinese till its at a speakable and writeable level wtf. *covers face in shame and starts to pack bags

Ok enough of drama, wanna introduce you guys to this place!

Snowflake! *okay if you know bout it dy shaddup
Its a thong sui shop btw.
They have this cutest thong sui
concept ever. Coz they have this ::

UFOs... O.o
This little baby would beep beep when your order is ready. They basically give it to you once you paid for your order larh of course.
At first to me, its a "I-dont-have-many-workers-so-I-come-up-with-a-cool-concept-to-have-a-self-service-thing" thangg wtf but gotta give them credits for coming up with a cool concept.
So cute horr, their workers are aliens hahaha.

"vibrates vibrates"
O em gee. its vibratinggg! *rushes to counter wtf

*back with a big bowl, star shinnin eyes and ooo aaa expressions wtf.
Yummm, grass jelly something something with some chueey balls yumm~ and no that's not goat's milk wtf I thought it was at first but mel said it was condensed milk. *shy

Mango flavour !! and the other I dunno what is that but yumm !!~
TOO bad cannot eat alot coz its that time of the month $#6@%5$13#
no cold stuff. T____T

Mr founder himself! A taiwanese. Sorry sir I didnt mean to chop you to pieces blame the glass door wtf.
That's why larh I love taiwanese japanese 'koreanese' so much, because of their cool cool concepts and inventions. :D
Definitely a worth going back place.

If you wanna know more,
cbox me!


Sinux Black August 3, 2009 at 1:59 PM  

hey ... snowflakes in mandarian call "xue Hua" ....

.. and counting

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