Tuesday, September 22, 2009

After a whole lot of sleep . . .

I'm finally alive and kickin' to blog! wtf sound so commercial.
Sorry for the lack of updates. Was busy with stuff.
Orite if you're thinking that Im so gonna promote my blogshop in this blog, you are sooo WRONG!
Im not gonna promote, Im gonna force you people to buy them muahahaha *coughs

Okay nolarh, we're currently in the process of sending out the clothes for Batch 1 and are we get freakingly excited when it comes to writing receipts for the customers! :DDDDD
First timers ma, forgive our childish anxieties.

Anyway yea, like I said before, went back to Malacca. My baby psp is back with me now! *love

And there are like, SIMS 2 in it now omgomg and Harvest moon innocent life omgomg and Apongebob squarepants omgomg oh and err, Fifa and Pro Evolution Soccer pffff. ==''
(its my bro's, sharing is APPARENTLY caring)

For now,

Burger King is love.


Love their cheese.

This spells Y.U.M :)
And my fringe is at a length that it is a nuisance already, i used to think long fringe is sexy wtf
So now, its basically covering my nose and kinda get into the way of me breathing wtf ok just ignore my crappy self, just trying to say I cut my fringe ny thats all. :p

I've officially changed my hair style ICON *ceh wah* from Rihanna to VictoriaB, Paris Hilton and now, Nicole Richie (after checking out some of her hot pics teehee)

Since I had short hair.

Become like this pulak. Yaiks.


.. and counting

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