Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back at ONE.

In cyberia now.
Starting class tomorrow which ends at 7pm haiyo.
Just finish cleaning my room just now and I was practically sneezing all the time haiyo.haiyo.
And for the next 16 weeks no holiday dy haiyo.haiyo.haiyo.
And And And just now got one bigass mosquite bit me somemore haiyo.haiyo.haiyo.haiyo.
And And And And I havent think of what to eat for dinner later haiyo.haiyo.haiyo.haiyo.haiyo

Wish it was this. Omg. *faints

(er, half of the things I did)

80% of my time sleeping. Spend most of my time with these two dudes ::

Wah. "Im so cool" brother. :p
Taken in Malacca when we're going to eat Asam Pedas at Muar. Yesh!

Jamie Melmie Oliver came and decided to cook us dinner rofl.
We damn semangat one okehh got bring the recipe book around somemore. :D

Main Focus :: The chips inside the basket! I forgot what name already but its really nice one!
I remembered eating in Japan then I saw it first time at carrefour . . . I think you should know what happen next ==''

Also accompanied mum and dad to buy plants ==''


More plants. =='''

I didnt get the 'green finger' genes from mum and dad larh seriously.

Bring lil bro for haircut. :p

Looking at some lala hairstyle book. ==''

Main focus :: Silly facial expressions the cut on my hand! T___T It is still there and its making people have the wrong perception and thinks I tried to suicide haiyo.


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