Tuesday, September 8, 2009

College starts.

Today is my first day in my second semester.
WE are 'transferred' to another building and from now on (for this sem), we are to study there.
Its like we're studying in a tuition centre eventhough everything looks quite new, looks pretty cool coz its new. =='' but small. Hurmph.

And to get there from the bus stop to coll, we have to cross like a jungle wtf nolarh just a HUGE BIG ENOURMOUS empty piece of land it reminds us of the safari coz there's like a segerombolan of dogs under the trees that kinda represents the lions in the safari. Simba .. Simba .. wtf.
And oh boy, shall I mention you what would happen to us when it rains? Perhaps you might be able to comprehent.

Anyway, Im like super free now. I used to have piles and piles of assignments but now Im super freaking free hmmm. Probably for the first day. :D
Went to Gardens yesterday. Dad wanted to settle his PDA stuff so yea, to the Gardens we went!
Getting there was SUPER SUPER frustrating and dizzy coz we got lost wtf and I was looking out for roadsigns which makes my head spin like crazy wtf.

Arrived safely after 2 hours of road signs and traffic jams ==''
Finding parking was another issue. Hurmph.

Skinny jeans + heels = love

Im so bored! Im like doing reports now which is probably due next next week, coz Im so freaking free and freaking rajin. :D
Come to think of it, I shall go and have a shorttttt nap.
Just a shorrrrt one . . .



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