Thursday, September 10, 2009

DIGI campus

Its about time CUCMS is under the Digi campus list.
Yea before this it wasnt. ==''
And I can finally apply for it.
Oh joy. :)
SO yea, now I have a new number. PM me if I didnt send you my new num, you know how absent minded I could be. Heee~
It was such a coincidence that the DC booth was there today, got free gift (which is just a notebook and some stickers =='') and got my photo taken rofl.

Why DIGI campus?
Why I should I go through all the trouble of telling people I've change my number?
Tell ya why. *This is not an adv. wish it was one though T__T

1. Free sms to 11 favourite DIGI numbers.
2. 1 cent sms to all DIGI numbers.
3. 6 cents sms to OTHER network numbers.

Wahh like some super cool campus name liddat wtf.
But the plan is cool la. :)
The rest of the promo's like voicemail rate blabla I dont really care coz I'm more of an 'SMS person'.
And best of all, I just discovered that the expiry date is like until 9 Sept 2013!
Oh, I love Mr. Yellow Man.

Yes you. *shyyy

Starter Pack at rm10!
with rm10 talktime! wtf
well, its like getting a free number.


Wong Cai Yi September 11, 2009 at 4:08 AM  

hey, tell me your new number. by the way I also bought a number of digi campus, but i used it to call others than ppl call me. cause I still use super sms more frequently and super sms is more cheaper.. ^^

Fatin,  September 25, 2009 at 11:48 PM  

Sorry for stealing your stickers, otherwise you could've posted a pic of those xD Woman, how come you makan a lot still so skinny mah?? Jealous! >.<

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