Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My grandma is 80! *part 1*

The complete set of picutres would be in FB.

As promised, here I am blogging bout the dinner that we had at Bayview hotel Malacca celebrating me grandma birthday.
29 August was the date and yea, it was fun.
My dad used to joke around saying that "80th birthday need to have 80 tables!" lol anyway this is a small family affair, as long as grandma is happy. :)
I'll let the pictures do the talking from now ::

What I wore. :)

The birthday girl. :)
Look at my little Rachel attempting to blow the candles too lol so cute.

Aunties and uncles. Notice that every auntie wore cheongsam that night. :D

F.a.m.i.l.y excluding the cousins and me coz I was the one taking the photo wtf.

Uncle giving speech.

Wah. My face so shiny wtf.
I hate flash!

Still hating flash wtf.
Was busy working on the projector thingy. With me, auntie uncle and cousin.
We actually plan to do a powerpoint thing where we put pictures; old pictures and new pictures of everybody. Yupe, back to the days when everyone had funky hair, big sleeved blouses, and red dark lipstick rofl.

My partner in crime singing "More than words" :D
Damn malu ok go sing but mostly the audience are chinese speaking aunties and uncles wtf.

Did camwhoring as usual but was disturbed by hand gestures wtf.

Why hello Mr. Culprit :p

More hand gestures wtf people never learn. Tisk Tisk Tisk.

Dessert! But I dont look that happy wtf dont ask me why, I also dunno why.

My younger cousins! SO cute hor. I think they kinda rampas my camera and took pictures themselves.

Rawr. I am Ben10.

Most of the pictures from now on are for camwhoring purposes.

Wanna go back dy but still wanna take pictures wtf.

WHY my brother so tall one sigh.

Us. :)


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