Tuesday, September 1, 2009

under construction. =(

I'm back in Kuantan now!
My lappie is down with viruses. Yes not only one virus but a colony of viruses. @%$*#&$^
It all started with the fact that my psp can finally have 'games' you know, non original games if you know what I mean *wink
Yea so I was delighted and all, but then the dude from the shop said i have do some stuff in order to get my psp working (coz his lappie was under virus so i hadda do it wtf like that also can humrph) and saved 'em files in my memory stick.
So, one thing lead to another my lappie pulak kena virus. Shoot.

Now, here I am.
Depressed. *well not really
Using my home's pc.
Not really use to seeing bigger screen. =.=''

Im enjoying my holidays so far. Been sleeping most of the time. Once I sit on a comfy chair confirm sleep onee omg like old grandma liddat wtf. Mummy isnt too happy with it. She said I've been sleeping TOO much wtf.
Well, nothing abnormal to me I guess, this is just my way of replacing those sleepless stressful nights in cyber. :D
Oh and did I mention my trip back to Malacca was just as fun?

Got a new top. :)

Had egg.ham.salad something sandwich at coffeebean.

And even smiled for the camera wtf.

Nyonya dinner with dad's side of the family. Only manage to take pic of the cendol coz i was too busy eating hurmph. The cendol was F.ing sweet btw but I didnt care as much. :p

Grandma's Bday celebration.

Became the MC and look as if Im going to attack the audience wtf.

Curl ma hair. It was more curled up and fluuuufffy lookin but it looked like that after several hours. Hurmph.

More pics on Grandma's bday after I get back my lappie.
Hopefully tomorrow.
Pleaseee let it be tomorrow pleasseeee.


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