Sunday, September 13, 2009

What a great weekend. :)

Its all about food food and more food this weekend.
Its a long story btw. Where should I start?
Ok first I flew to Italy and happen to stumble Italiannies.

Where I met my besties! And talk business :D
Sorry the picture quality aint good. T____T
Il ristorante era molto pacchetto con la gente!
It was here that we had bottomless ice lemon tea and carbonara that we love and long for. Carbonara brings back memories. The days where chern babe cooked carbonara and brought to school and we ended up eating together lol.
Btw, hope loeloe's eye is getting better!

Said byebye to besties and
Then flew to US to get to this place ::

Why, dont that backpacker look familiar wtf. We really got into the 'tourist mood.'
Check out the worker dude, damn semangat giving explaination to the customers. :)

When we went there, the shop was about to close. T_T
So all that are left are those with toppings. Too sweet too sweet!

Even 'koreans' love doughnuts. =)
And kesian he has to finish it coz I cannot finish them. Gomen ne~
We bought like 3 pieces ny still cannot finish wtf coz its really sweet.

Next stop, Korean food for lunch ::

이 한국사람 유리제 국수는 좋았던 야채와 이렇게 섞었다!
kimchi로 역시 봉사하는.
Go figure. :)

Last stop, Taiwan. Sweet Plum Potato wedges. Why does this sound so familiar.
yea! :DDDDD

All these food can be found at
midvalley and gardens.
How I wish I have a private jet.


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