Sunday, October 18, 2009

All together now, AARrrrrr!

All American Rejects.
All American Rejects.
All American Rejects.

Tyson! *faints

Ok larh it would be a big fat lie if I say I'm one of their biggest fan but I DO love their songs!
I mean you know, they're catchy, cool up beat tempo and very, very addictive.
*don't get me started with I wanna I wanna I wanna. . . next thing you know Fatin and I would be singing in front of the lectures. ==''

Yea, so thanks to DIGI muahh I love you digi! I get to go to my very first concert *big wet tears.
Yeah, its my very first. Always plan to go Jay Chou or Lee Hom's concert but tak jadi one. Damn.
Ok back to where I'm at. :)

Er, digi has this limited music plan thingy, were you havta pay RM5 per month and download songs for free, them having a wideee selection of music. And when I mean wide, they have like korean songs (LOVE!), japanese and even bangla rofl.

But they have this 30 day trial thing which I thought was awesome coz, after that I could just unsubscribe the plan and the first 30 days aint cost me no money.
30 days of downloading songs, imagine that! Its like having a CD a day, for free!

Before I got the tickets, I was one sad sad girl who would only dream of going to concerts wtf damn drama.

But after she got her hands on them,

She became estatic! =DDDD

NOW, I can officially say "I'm going to AAR's CONCERT yo!"
*Credits to couz Kniz for givin me the inside scoop on this. :)

Oh and to end this post,

Something random.
I feel so 'Hermione' now. =D
Happy Halloween!
*eventhough its like next week. ==''


Foteinyx October 18, 2009 at 9:37 PM  

Ahh the first day of Sem 2... and we were both 'I Wanna'ing xD

Should sing that in more lectures just to make our days more interesting, methinks ;D


I am so killing you now for drilling that tune in my head again, Phei Yee! >=(

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