Thursday, October 1, 2009

I love formal wednesdays.

Formal wednesdays. :)
I didnt mean to be so pervent-ish okehhh taking at this angle, just that when I wanted to take it in a suprise mode, he moved. ==''
But the picture turn out to be quite nice pulak wtf

He got stung my a bee the other day in Kuantan, and he didnt know it HAIYO where got people liddat one, see now what happens :: fever + headache + wrong medication = melvin lee. ==''

Phei Yee's Day 3
"Oh im so sick, I feel like fainting"
*together with hand slapping forehead poses*

I've decided to go to the doctor. Cancel that. I was FORCED to go see the doctor.
Was actually quite convinced to go since he said consultation for students are free. So I bought it larh.
But what turn out to be is a bill of 52 bucks almost knocked my out of my feet and faint in front of the receptionist. Ok nolarh not so drama just shock ny wtf.

So many medicine.
Die ler~
And I've just notice they wrote my name "Wee Phei"
Very hard to write my full name is it nowww. T__T
Its WEE PHEI YEE for goodness sake!


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