Friday, October 9, 2009

Im liking this!

Stumble across this application while reading fourfeetnine and may I say she has the prettiest eyes ever! Big round eyes! :D
And she's funny so yea. She said she was using this application called xiuxiu or something to edit her photos and so I decided to give it a go.
And man! Im so addicted to it now. Its soooo like photoshop only much easier and user friendly eventhough its in chinese. ==

Lemme show you.


LOL my face damn smooth weii!
So smooth its like I did some plastic surgery or something.
Yeah can join Girls Generation dy wtf.
So yea it looks kinda fake. ==
Oh and did you guys notice the new LONG lashes wtf added them.
And the "suddenly" PINK cheecks. added them too. :p
And "dyed" my hair a lil GREY nah but not very obvious though.
I shall practise my skills and be good at this! Finally! Something less complicating that Photoshop but works just as well!

Oh and they also have lomo effect! How cool is that.

And I dont know what effect is this but I like!

The people who made this application is so darn brilliant.

Going to Full House tomorrow!
Pictures yet to come. :)


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