Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"She's" facebooking

The "she" is referring to my mom. ==
I actually find it cute. She now gets addicted to applications and somehow asking me how to play somemore wtf. The problem is, I DON'T EVEN PLAY THEM!
Die dy larh my mum more modern than me. Next thing I know, my dad would have fb pulak.
Then hooray! the wholeeee family has fb. ==
So yea, now she knows my fb status and stuff. Just the other day she commented one ==

Oh and yea!
Thanks all all the peeps out there for voting!

I currently have 2oo votes thanks to you guys! Mwahh.

Bout my weekend, went to curve and ikea AGAIN.
Was kinda in a rush. So many things to do, yet so little time!

Went baby shopping. ==
Coz my auntie was here and so happen we went to the floor where almost all the baby shops are there. And guess how much this prem cost?
"500 bucks?" Think again.
"1000 bucks?" Not even close.
"It gotta be 2500 bucks." You think so?
ekk. WRONG.
Its a whomping 4K okay! wtf. baby these days damn lucky.
Even saw a masak masak set, made from wood one wtf i only had plastic ones. ==

Chillis for lunch. :D

This was mine. Very sour le the buffalo wings. Urgh.

Yeah so this is Ikea and me.
*Notice that I just threw away the ikea bag liddat on the floor wtf.
Things I would do to camwhore tisk tisk tisk

Cousin I. :D
Credits to him for telling me bout the Kitschen thing and like, waiting for me to try my outfit and hold my bag lol.

My guess bag rosak dy! =((((((
Well its not very obvious in this pic but yes, its kinda cacat dy. Hurmph.
That day went to the bag shop repair shop at pyramid, to fix one side of the handle is like 98 bucks WTF. ONE side only le mind you. Must well buy a new bag. :p
Well, I should had know, coz I went into a leather repairing shop ==.

Oh and the other day, I checked out Miss Malaysia World!

The event that is. :D

And saw Asha Gill! First time seeing her live in person. First time seeing this kind of events in kl also. :x
I have to get a bigass DSLR cam larh seriously. That day I went to sony style I saw one omg almost fainted, not only coz its pretty but its pretty expensive wtf.

The contestants which I thought look stunning in their evening gowns except for some. :p

I thought this gal was pretty though. And she's 19 WHAT IS THIS?!

Off to do physics lab report now.


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