Saturday, October 10, 2009


Super duper uper nuper zuper many camwhoring pictures ahead.
Proceed under your own risk.

Like said in my previous post, WE made a trip to FULLHOUSE!
This place is pretty awesome given the decor and all are really neat stuff!
If you guys watch the show fullhouse by rain, basically the whole bungalow house is something like a replica to the show lah if Im not mistaken.

Coz everything is so Korean ish and the stuff sold are Korea stuff and they even play emo emo Korean songs in the background wtf.

Speaking bout stuff, they have really cool clothes, accesories, bags, fillli faallla stuff for sale and the price quite reasonable also. :)
Thee bags are niceee. *stares and comparing baby guess bag with a sigh.

I love their fedora! :D

Filli faallla stuff like funky tea time hats.

And shades. I so freakin look like rain now weii wtf chio. :x
And the lighting was awesome by the way. But my camera was too sulkish for this type of lighting so it my pics aint very nice. T___T

LOVE the interior! Most of the stuff are for sale believe it or not. Even the bird cage wtf.

And they have like flowers everywhere *love

Very Ikea. :DDD

And the ancient TV is so cun.

Flowers again!

Oh and the curtains are nice too! :)
Had to say they did a great job with the atmosphere and the workers are friendly.
The house is two storeys and they have like a balcony outside to makan makan also.

Don't really know what to order coz almost everything sounds good and that we are considering whether it is "tai" anot to eat that wtf.


Some jubejube korean drink. Since come here must well drink something korean ish rather than coca cola wtf.

There's pillows too! Would make a nice yamcha place. :D
We went there super early coz we thought we were not able to find the place so we leave early but mana tau mel damn geng can find like super fast and so yea, we end up being there around 5.30pm wtf.
Hmm but good also larh coz NO people there and we can like camwhore kaokao. :p
Decided to move downstairs coz upstairs is like.. deserted. wtf.

And so we are, ordering our food. AGAIN. rofl.

Ordered alfredo spaghetti for myself. Served with slices of chicken and mushrooms.
A lil bit different from our ordinary everyday spaghetti.
Rating? Hmm. 8/10. :)

The correct way to eat spaghetti. :x
Last time I dont really know one. T___T

Wok ser something something for melvin lee. Its actually chicken. He said it was kinda tender so yea. 8/10 also.

Eye bags. T____T

Fullhouse is located at Ara Damansara, NXZ something something in chinese I dont really know sorry for that. :p
Stuffs are quite reasonable while there are other which are quite expensive but I advise you guys to go there for the food larh rather other stuff. :)


Anonymous,  October 11, 2009 at 9:33 PM  

wei.. wei... wei....
more feminine way to eat spaghetti is 2gether with d spoon :-p

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