Tuesday, October 20, 2009

When we invade sushi zanmai . . .

. . . there's no turning back. :D

Itadakimasu~ *pronounced with a silent 'u'
Well, I gotta say its better than Sushi King no offence to the peeps there but yea, its good.
The menu is a lil different.
The sushis on the belt are different.
SOMETHING that caught our eyes, they have like many colours of fish eggs, we kinda wondered whether they dyed them. ==''
And we also found out black caviar sushi is cheaper than the orange ones. O.o

Browsing around the menu, which is kinda interesting coz the food are different. And we check out the price everynow and then also rofl, so that we dont faint when the bill comes.

Every sushi dine in I sure order california temaki one, confirm. But this isn't. double ==''''
I ordered tuna temaki coz it was urmm, much cheaper. :p
Don't like the one they had here thought, coz they put pepper in it and its argh, pepppper!

Love this though!

Ordered Tempura Udon, another favourite of mine, confirm order one.
Notice they had cute lil mushrooms in this one. I mean they're as big as 5 cent coins!
Never knew such mushrooms exist.
*switches to Discovery Channel

Ah! Tempura my no1 favourite jap food!

When waiting for the food, we kinda did all sorts of stuff possible le.

Play with chopsticks with "something smell's bad" espressions. O.o

Have self fantasies that I'm a hamster. ==''

Tried to be serious hurmph but that just ain't me le. :p

So, I went back doing the Phei Yee's pose and ask melvin if he would like to join in wtf.
Guess he did. :x


Physics quiz tomorrow.
Till then,
Ttyl peeps!


Foteinyx October 21, 2009 at 2:15 AM  

Makan sushi!

*whacks Phei Yee*

Siap la u esok... >.>

.. and counting

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