Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas at heart

My apologies for the lack of updates. Having a busy week.
To pay back, loooong post ahead. *grins

Have you done your christmas shopping yet?
Well, I think I've done mine, unintentionally wtf.
Erm, hello there's the YEAR END SALE and all, encourages you to be in that jolly good and all the more mood to shop! :)

Like this is a must get ITEM!
But ironically, I didn't get it, instead I downloaded his album *guilty sosorryarhieididntmeanttobutiwasbroke T___T

The malls everywhere are decorated with christmas trees and all already aww, how time flies. Just a few months ago was deeparaya now, Christmas. Next, gongxifacai! wtf.

The christmas trees in pavilion are exceptionally huge!
But its all good.
Serves its purpose.
Sooooo many people taking pictures.

And they even have Santa's sled with raindeers "running" up to the ceiling, which awes many curious lil kids in amazement lol.

Coach was having clearance sale. Pfft. The only thing I can afford is to take a picture outside the shop boo~

The lonely coach girl. *wind starts to blow, korean drama song in the background
The christmas decors are ridiculously pretty and its till outside, which now brings us to the streets.

To get to starhill which is just "a walk away". Its actually quite far lorh!
*Love the effect here btw good job mel!

Getting a lil bored waiting for people to cross the road rofl.

I have giraffee legs. =(

There's a HUGE SALE sign! *love
Could resist posing really eventhough it started to drizzle, die die must take pic with the sign :p
It was suppose to be a Happy face, but it turned out to be some whacko fake face wtf fail.

Next would be of shopping camwhore and food pictures.

Really expensive but nice earrings. I serious think this shop is overpricing their items lorh, even f21 is selling them cheaper. Shiesh!

I said "Strike a pose mel!" And this was what he gave me.

Mind blasting *indian Russell Peter's slang

Wah this one even more fan.tas.tic. wtf
Went to MNG and tried this chio leather jacket that looked like the one in my blogshop lol

And cost fourdople the price. Tisk tisk tisk

Accesories shopping at some highclass sinma-ish shop.

Mel being a whimp lol.

Had lunch at Pepper Lunch wtf.
Its something like sukiyaki that I had in Japan and I absolutely love it!
Oh and this might not sound funny to you but it somehow does to me.
Kk this was what happen. I was looking at the menu and was pretty satisfied with the price and the yummy pictures until i realise there's the "lunch" word somewhere above the menu there, then I went like "Owh, mel its for lunch hours only" dissapointedly. Then he said no no the name of the restaurant is PEPPER LUNCH lol wtf funny anot funny anot (failed joke)
Sigh fine, if didnt get my joke, moving on.. more pictures.

Ministry of Food for desserts!
Something like tong sui but the stuffs are from japan. :)

Macha sundae! Hahahhaha. yo, all the macha's out there should try this! :D

Had Kakigori (shaved ice thingy).
Indeed Mel was too engross in pouring the cocoa and taking snapshots at the same time which in the end, caused a part of it to spill. Hurmph.

I wasnt suppose to have anything cold coz you know, that time of the month but heck yea I did. How can I miss this out!?
Parking cost a whomping ^&@#*&% ringgit. Well, that's pavilion.

Till next time.
Happy christmas! :)
*yeah a lil early. :p


Foteinyx December 1, 2009 at 12:20 AM  

HAHAHA @ the Russell Peters quotes!
And yes, I think we all got your joke there Gracie dear xD
Gorgeous pics btw, and the fooooood *drools*

pHei e is me. December 1, 2009 at 12:49 AM  

yea! mind blasting! :D
lol wtf.
and thanks for the compliments.
It should go to melvin instead. :DDD

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