Monday, November 23, 2009

Hello hi, I'm Charlie!

Like I said, my name is Charlie!
The self acclaimed 'cute' owner of this blog found me when she was roaming around Ikea.
Well, to be more precisely, LAZING around the sofa section.
So yea, that's how we met.

Minutes ago, I somehow manage to hack her blogger password and here I am now posting a blog post about mini me.
I am a very special elephant. *grins
Not only I'm a hand puppet but hmm, lets just say I'm capable to make weird cute faces.
Like this one,

.. is when I'm pissed.

.. or this, when somebody tells me something weird, that makes me go "ha?!"

.. puppy dog eyes is one of them too. ^^
I'm so lovable. desperate for an owner
Ok, so practically that's it.

I'm going to laze around my comfy RM1.2k chair now.
Ba bai.


Foteinyx November 24, 2009 at 1:20 AM  

Charlie, shame on you...

the chair's 1.3k lar. where got 1299 round to 1.2k one?!

.. and counting

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