Monday, November 2, 2009

Korean or not korean? =D

Anyahaseiyo! wtf
VERY seldom only I can convince him to act cute one lerh seriously.
I'm telling this coz this person rather die and kena bang by a tanker than to go take purikura pictures wtf quote and unquote yes, indeed it is true.
So yes this is a once in a blue moon thanng!
Medic boy was busy studying this butt off for biochem block which he finds it hard!
Work for it man! Sure can pass one! :)

I was actually quite intimidated by the amount of notes he has to study in a week and that every friday got exam on that stack of notes. *faints
How to survive for finals like that?!
Well, I should had known it from the start le since I wanted this path.
And I shall work for it! *ceh wah say ny later complain banyak banyak

I'm also working my butt of for physics.
The hardest subject I find in the world (my world actually)
BUT today its all over! At least half a sem.

Oh and here are some of my over due pictures!
Probably more in my next post.
Connection damn sulkish today.

Was in SaSa the other day, just looking around and then I spotted this!
Waa. Cun!
I was desperately in need for one.
*Slides to the counter

What?! Free what. =P

Sorry no before after pic.
But mel did say I look like Avril rofl coz they eyeliner was dark and all.
I'm been missing the baby olympus in kuantan now.
Cannot have nice CLEAR shoots and all.
Don't know why but my passion (if you hadnt notice) is taking pictures, clear ones not crappy ones, of scenarys anything happening and of course to camwhore. *grins
My target is this lil baby here!

'Quarter' way there!


.. and counting

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