Wednesday, November 11, 2009

PappaRich moments. ^^

PappaRich reminds me of OldForest in Kuantan.
Although its alil expensive, well actually kinda, but its WAY better than OldTown.

Well, for starters, it clean. :)

Erm, probably its new and all but yea, the peeps working there is kinda polite too.
I actually got confused with PappaRich and PapaJohn. ==''
The other only I found out the difference, one sells pizza only, and the other is malaysian food stuff rofl orang kuantan kan.

Eh, and I just found out thru gsc webbie that there's gsc at ec mall dy! Wah! Maju!
Although, TGV would seem better. :)
Okay super out of the PappaRich topic now ahem.

Anyway, I went there with mel for the hmm 4th time already I guess.

And today was one of those days.
Prawn mee!
*eventhough I dont fancy prawns.

My personal favourites is the milo dinasour drink thingy omg damn nice.
Eventhough I know how to do it on my own. =p

Wifi also quite good here wtf hahahaha makes 'people' playyy iphone ny all the time. ==''''

Imagine doctors wearing liddat to work with the hairband and all. *grins

Lomo is love!


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