Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Putrajaya Cincai Photoshoot.

After Mel got his DSLR NIKON 3000 ahem ahem, he ask whether we should go putrajaya and do some photoshoot. :) Test model konon.
Actually come to think of it, he didnt even ask me! Say wanna do something very very important. Yorrr~

Yesh, so finally got someone to help me shoot and able ask to "Delete! So Ugly that picture!" without feeling so shyy. :)

Ok so, I'm suddenly feeling so lucky that I'm staying at cyberjaya coz the view at night is so awesome! I mean Putrajaya. At night, its so relaxing and pretty and the streets are so quiet and can pose whatever gile pose possible.
Buildings like The prime minister's office, the bridges, the mosque! Pretty!

And so, that is why THE first shoot was held at Putrajaya!
Kinda cincai one, coz we wanna test it out.

We didnt take many photos coz Mel didnt charge the battery and it koink off. :(
But still, can go back there anytime muahehe.

Some mosque at the background. Blurred coz the main focus is Wee Phei Yee lol wtf.

Love this one!
Spells E.M.O. though wtf.

Okay my face looks bloody white here. ==''
Buildings past me! Actually, I'm just standing, but the buildings seems to move pass me. Cool eh.

Streets of putrajaya.
If you've noticed, the building at the back there is indeed the Prime Minister's Office.

Mr. Photographer.
Good job Melvin Lee Yoong Zher! :)

Biler next photoshoot?



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