Monday, November 9, 2009

Suffering in silence

Hello hi, how are you peeps wtf.
Yes I know, I havent been updating my blog.
Firstly, nothing much happens. Nothing so happening to write about.
The same thing le makan, study, shopping, sleep and the cycle continues.
Secondly, I just came back from a team building camp which was quite terrible.

* mud facial
* rakit rafting whatever they call it, it was super tiring okehh
* night walk
* lake full of leeches
* paint tombstones as punishment. WTF

SPEAKING BOUT NIGHT WALK, mind you its not those night safari walk wtf, they didnt give no torchlight, near a cemetry and some tokong and need to walk alone somemore T____T
I seriously cried, well a lil, cause the facilitators were hiding behind bushes to scare you and they even pretend to be ghosts. =='' but that didnt work coz I manage to spot their leg wtf.

Why is my ambition so hard to achieve need to go all these crazy stuff.

And yet, I'm still smiling. =p

HURMPH . . .
What else happening in my life.
Oh I finally manage to watch MJ's this is it!
Omg it was indeed awesome but honestly it didnt manage to like make me cry.
Probably Im not a big fan or something, but it did keep me entertained and singing along during the movie rofl.

Okay so its back to studying for Phei Yee.


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