Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sunday outing.

Mommy and Daddy came down to kl on erm, last sunday to visit me! :)
So yea, actually by Dad has a meeting on Monday (he has to come down ANYWAY) but yea, my mom tag along!
And we went Shogun! :)

The one in OU. :)
I heard some people telling me the food at shogun aint that fresh and that tenji is better, well yea duh tenji more expensive whaat, still wanna go tenji.. someday..
Shogun has all you can eat nestle ice-cream.
Tenji has all you can eat haagen daaz.
You do the math. :)

I didn't know why there was thai food as well. :D
And OMGSUPERDUPERBANYAK tempuras!!!!!!!!
Crabstick tempura.
Potato tempura.
Prawn tempura.
Vege tempura.
Whatever tempura also have!
*you should had known I loveeee tempura by now. ^^*

There arent many sushi varieties though.
California temaki was small. T_____T
Oh and that fried lotus root thingy in the picture there, its good!
So lalalala, enjoyed the buffet alot, thanks daddy!
Next was shopping! :)

I was in need for a pair of jeans. SKINNY jeans.
Love the one I'm having now (the one in the picture above) and apparently there's only one of its kind in my closet so far. T___T
Yes, desperately in need for another one now.

Saw a hot pair the other day at F21 but was in doubt to get it, coz
(a) not much money
(b) mommy havent give permission.
*yes, i still need conformation from mommy coz i'm mommy's girl wtf. :DDDD*

Moving on, I went for a jeans hunt then, and end up getting nothing...
its either too dull, too nerdy, too "not decent" wtf
the very last shop I went to.

Found it!
Zipper at the bottom part as well!
And guess what I was kinda frustated that I cannot fit into the size 34 one, and I had to stick to size 36. Kept on thinking that 'shit I am fat I am fat' then when after going home, I discovered that all my pants are actually size 36 wtf.
Frustated for no reason. ==''

I truly love ZARA for making my dreams come true of owning a hot skinny jeans wtf.

Well yes! I ammmm! :)
Please don't hate me.


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