Saturday, December 12, 2009

이승기 !

I'm currently watching this strangely funny game show, strange coz I don't understand a single word they say except the subtitles and yet I'm laughing along.

The show is called TWO DAYS ONE NIGHT and its aired every friday 11.2opm on KBS!
I usually don't watch KBS, well not that I don't want to but there ain't no KBS at my home in cyber. =( SO yesh, its considered a sort of a 'privilege' to watch it le.

If you happen to watch the show, perhaps you would notice this guy ::

SO cute rightttt yesh I know I'm actually quite over age for this ohsocutelethisguy craze phenomenon but I think Seunggi is an exception.

From the show I knew his name was Seunggi and he's super cute among the rest of his friends, coz he's extra ontime, he likes to cook (so cute!) and has this pretty boy korean look basically.
Googled him a lil and found that he's only two years older than me *faints and he's a singer, actor and a graduate from Dongguk university. oh wow (damn now i sound like a stalker)

Could it get any better than this?

사랑해요이승기 !


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