Thursday, December 10, 2009

I like it the way i are.

I'm currently back in Kuantan!
Yeah, it was a last minute thing coz suddenly all the classes seem to be cancelled except moral where we all decided to ponteng but other than that, we're totally free. Actually, this WHOLE sem I didn't seem to do much, other than sleeping, eating, facebooking, blogging and the cycle goes on. Call me lazy, coz yes, that was what I am this few months back.

Speaking bout the bus, DO NOT EVER SIT UTAMA bus!
Had a bad experience yesterday. Bus was suppose to be at 4pm but I waited until 4.15pm liddat only the bus came. Ok nevermind, then wait wait wait 4.30pm only leave &@!$%@ what is this. Pudu damn scary somemore for this girl with 2 heavy bags and a laptop on hand wtf. END up, leaving the same time as the transnational bus at 4.3opm. Should had bought that instead. ==''

Hurmph. Moving on, just the other weekend, I went back to Malacca and boy, did I miss Jonker Walk. It hadn't change much thought; there're still uncles singing, aunties line dancing and the usual curious faces of tourists.

Still very much packed with people and many fake LVs wtf I havta admit I was quite tempted coz it looks sooooo similar okayyyy but noh, fake is still fake. >.< Something called mochi according to mum. Basically some white glutinous thingy covered with peanuts. Yum!
Thought it was kinda expensive though, RM3 per pack. O.o

Sarsi ice-cream. =p which happens to be quite tasteless hurmph kena con.

Brain freezing but super nice cendol! See, no place to sit so havta stand up and eat, that's how semangat we are. :))))))

And I didn't know A'Famosa could be so much fun!
Well at least when you have kawan to help you shoot. Basically, these are some of them ::

The walls impresses us all. :))))))))

Dataran Pahlawan is also a nice place to shoot!

Oh and cute anot cute anot my teeshirt?! Guess how much is it? Come on come on.
Ok fine lemme tell you wtf. 10 bucksssss! :))))))
See, not all jonker walk shops con people's money one.

Damn skynet gave me unreasonable excuses on why it was a week late.
New worker.
Look at farid behind hahahhah sorry dude but i think you're missing your "other half" geddit geddit? other half other you know half kay move on if you didnt get it wtf

Chanel inspired bag. :))
Still would be using me baby guess. Wait till I get the handles fixed first.
The other day I went to this leather shop and ask how much would it be and he told me it would be RM90 for one side *faints must well i buy a new bag.
Then I notice that they are repairing bags like LVs as well *shyyy then I just walk off damn he must think I'm a cheapskate.
I'm sooo going to get a coach! rawr!
Just wait phei yee.
Justtttt wait.


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