Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jingle Bells and Wedding Bells.

Celebrated my cousin's wedding with a dinner yesterday night. How ironic, it was her wedding but didnt manage to take pic of her and Gerald korkor coz we're busy talking and all lol sorry jie I know you're reading this. =P

I love wedding dinners! Apart from the fact that I get to doll up and all wtf, but yeah coz my family is sooooooo huge (and I mean really huge, I have nephews who are older than me) so yea, great way to bond.

This time it was held in a Chinese restaurant at Malacca Raya. I tell ya, Malacca is soo development now that there's like super massive jam everywhere especially during the holidays, its becoming like . . . KL minus the pavillion minus the OU. And to think, next time my family would stay permanently in Malacca after my dad retires, is simply . . . awesome. Satay Celup everyday? =)

What I wore yesterday. Damn please ignore the fat belly or stomach or whatever.

>> Dress/top from Topshop
>> Leggings from Germany (its my aunt's)
>> Heels from vincci (saw the same exact one at charles and keith but cheaper!)
>> Chanel inspired bag from my blog =)))))

Okay now lemme tell you the story behind these purchases wtf do proceed if you're only interested.
You know what this is like the best item I bought from Topshop so far. At first, I thought it was suppose to be some long top or something but then after I bought it and wore it for the first time, it is a dress actually! Some mini clubbing dress as you can see wtf. And love the lace thingy on top! You guys would believe how much is it. Effing 49 bucks! I knowwww right, so next time if wanna shop go shop at topshop at klcc. More varities and sale items there coz err, perhaps less people go there, so got more stuff there? Well, if you're at UK or something, then go on, its much cheaper there wtf.

With my other cousin. :)
Now the story of the leggings (trying hard to make this post look long)
My uncle got it for me aunt from Germany on a business trip and serious shit, this is like the best leggings ever and its only about 3 euro?!!! Which is around 15 bucks?
And there's are actually pretty flower details on it but it didnt seem visible in the photo hurmph.
Damn quality one okay, it would seem like those pants quality already but they're leggings and if you could find it in Malaysia then it would be those sold for 100 bucks or something at Tangs.

So yes, when it seems to be a post on my cousin's wedding, it turned out to be a post about fashion with 3 miserable pictures wtf. Hmm, it sum it all up, my cousin looks hot yesterday with her sexy cheongsam (nice one btw!) and gerald korkor which I almost called uncle hahaha looked smart. :)

End of story. Looking forward to more photos from my coussie's biggass cam.
Oh there was a christmas lucky draw too yesterday and I won brands essense of chicken blueberry flavour wtf.
Good for my eyes it seems. :)


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