Friday, December 25, 2009

Nothing much but meaningful.

Good day my fellow readers! =)
Just a short post today aite.
I'm currently sitting on the couch in Malacca part blogging and part watching Naruto wtf all thanks to my cousin. There goes my weekly dose of Seunggi le! T___T

my 2nd sem has finished! =)
Goodbye Physics!
Goodbye Physics lab!
Goodbye loooong hours of physics tutorial!
Goodbye early morning lab sessions!

Contrary to that, 8am class daily now. *faint pff well look at the bright side, wouldnt be facing physics anymore im sosososo friggin happy!

Anyways, I am so called enjoying my holidays now and my schedule would be packed the next few days; cousin's wedding dinner, new year countdown, unfinished christmas shopping wtf ok im just joking please don't tell my mom (crap she reads my blog, err HI MOM!)

You guys might had read my status on fb already that I spend my christmas eve at the very cozy starbucks. :)

With a cup of hot choco.
Please ignore my cousin's distorted face wtf he move le thats why liddat.
Not my thing to drink hot choco but since its christmas, and assuming malaysia is snowing on christmas wtf, I decided to go for hot choco and boy, it was a warm christmas eve indeed and i like it! :)

Cheers y'all!
Last year, I spend christmas in Japan and honestly, it makes me miss JAPAN MORE. T.T
The decorations in Kyoto, the road trips, the bonding sessions, the camp, the Qoo vending machines, the food! Omgaud. My host families are like the BEST ever. Was hoping to save up money to go there again, but then again Canon G10 is waiting for me wtf. Dilemma.

Oh yes, Naruto finished! Back to KBS!!!


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