Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Now the party dont start till I walk in.

New years eves tomorrow and I'm still aren't sure where to go.
Oh, I'm in Kuantan now, back from Malacca yesterday. Can't believe my holidays are coming to an end already, so fast, one week is going to be over and helllooo third sem. Time flies when you're having 'fun' no? :)
Just the other day I was having crabs with my close relatives.

Here we are acting cute and all.

Now here's a better pic. *I think

I was being told the fresh milk crabs and cheese beehoon (can you imagine that?) there is superfantastic and so I went for it, and it IS SUPERFANTASTICALLY AWESOME! For the cheese beehoon part, you can't really taste the cheese, more of a buttery taste but it sure is delicious. (:

Apart from that, I was being caught looking ngongngong at somebody. :S

LOL there was a table of insurance selling aunties and I was like spotting their LVs, trying to see wheather its fake anot wtf.

And another pic of me checking out ma uncle's 'blackberry'

With a distorted face of a worker in the background.
Papparazis everywhere I tell ya! :x


I'm suppose to pose this up a milllllion years ago already but didnt find the time. (:

Here's the Kindori ice-cream that I've been talking about on fb. I had watermelon and its blastingly good. (: Googled this.

A Blast of Super-Fresh Ice Cream Technology

Selection of Fruits
At Kindori, only high quality of unblemished, perfectly ripened fruit are selected

100% Fresh Milk Base
Kindori Ice Cream base recipe is concocted using only 100% Pasteurised Homogenised fresh milk. Every scoop of Kindori Ice Cream is made of fully natural ingredients

Brilliant ayy? Didnt know why I didnt spot this in Japan. Or perhaps all the icecream there is now liddat whoa.

To KTZ later for supper.

With their nicee thongsui that i miss now.

Shall we go again? (:

Till then,
Where shall the partay be at tomorrow?


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