Saturday, December 19, 2009

Think straight.

Hellow hi.
I'm overjoyed now with the fact that I've finished a tin of campbell chicken soup. Chicken soups are always the best remedy for cold gloomy pre-exams days.


My finals would officially start next monday with Maths Paper 1.
Not quite scared but not overly confident as well hurmph. Anyways, speaking bout the weather, its been raining these few days in cyberjaya. Sunny in the morning and afternoon, gloomy and raining days at night. So everytime i dry my clothes in the morning, I'm so freaking glad there's sunshine then when I come back from coll in the evening, my clothes are wet again because of the rain. How ironic. :(

I'm a 'wear the dress twice then wash' kinda girl so by the end of the week, I have mountains of clothes, when my roomate only has around quarter of her laudry pail full. Darn, I dont know whether to cry or laugh now wtf.

On a lighter note, watched AVATAR in 3D yesterday. Was my first 3D movie so I didnt know what to expect so I was howtosay kinda excited. I've watched the one in Genting but that's 4D and it totally sucks coz the water splashing and all, it caught me by suprise wtf. Fine, it doesnt suck but its scary. Oh wait, the storyline totally sucks. I wanted to watch spiderman or something liddat but the timing wasnt right, and the one I watch was the stupid dinasours. Pff.
The spiderman 3D in Japan's Universal Studio was awesome though! :))

Back to the 3D thing, I think I just discovered that I have motion sickness wtf. Half way though the movie, I felt like puking. Probably coz the action thingy and I wasnt sitting properly. Worst, there's this Arab guy beside me asking me for my number wtf.
The movie was kinda awesome actually. I expected it to be boring and all coz its a you know, guyguy movie so yeah Im sorry to say but those avatars are ugly creatures. A 3 hour movie, which is quite worth watching after all.

Took some silly pictures
. Would post it up soon err, either on fb or here
(fb is so much faster) :p
So yea, signing off gotta do ma maths already.
Buhbye dontmissme. :p


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