Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Twilight Highlight.

.. by yours truly. :)

Yea, it's pretty obvious that there's a twilight new moon fever amongst all of us before the show was premiered. Well, I was one of them.

One of those
who waited until midnight exactly two days before the release date to be the first ones to book the tickets.
One of those who was pissed coz the Maybank2u at the gsc was temporarily unavailable so I couldnt buy the tickets
One of those who was boasting around that I'm going to watch it on the night of release itself wtf.

So yes, lucky me I get to go watch it and lucky me there's someone to teman me and fetch me go watch. :)
LUCKY for me also that inside the cinema with me are DIEHARD FANATIC KAOKAO fans of taylor lautner and robert, sitting exactly two rows behind me wtf.

I got quite irritated coz everytime when edward or jacob appears on the screen, they will go " zomgomg" and shout. wtf. hello. it's a cinema. ==''
Control yourselves le, like me. cheh wah! wtf I like taylor kayyy but I... control. lol

Can you believe he's like 17 ny?! Why so young . . .

Anyway, enough of taylor.
The storyline of the story was good le overall. More jacob less edward, that is if you didnt count the ghostly figures of Edward every now and then le.
Bella is soooo clingy in this movie omg!
But I always think her wavy hair is sexy. :)
More sad sad scenes this time around. And there were so funny parts too.
Since the first twilight, I do think that the Cullens is such a cool family, don't cha think so?

I mean, like the dad, Mr Cullen also so hot one wtf.
Sorry arh daddy I didnt mean to say you're not hot hahaha.
And Miss Bella is like so frigging lucky to have both good looking boys by her side, everythough she's clingy.

Must be so buff want la noww. >.< And a pack of buff, tattoo-ed, shorts torn "wolves" as friends wtf.

All I have is my physics friend, ah yap wtf Yapiloveyou hahahhaha

Well, overall I think the movie is so so only le.
It didnt really much reached my expectations but it's a good movie, except the stupid ending that makes everyone including me go "Ahh, like that ny arh" in the cinema wtf.

Melvin was so so so sure he didnt like twilight and he said he go just wanna teman coz he quote and unquote HATES twilight. He rather watch Astroboy. =='''
But guess who was repeating the lines over and over again after the movie in the car.

HIM. ==''


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