Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Who's to blame?

Good day peeps!
For the past few days, its been kinda hot (what i meant was the weather) and this doesnt help much with the fact that I'm getting use to NOT have aircond with me when I sleep.
But looking at the bright side, the shower ain't cold as ice no more, so yea :)

The title of my post today has absolutely nothing to do with what Im about to mention today.
Well, simple because I can't think of a better title darn my creativity is worn out.
Like everybody else, I'm looking forward for the holidays and Christmas! Aww, how time flies and soon enough, 2009 would come to an end.
Perhaps its too early to make new year resolutions, hmm, I must as well start with the ultimate christmas (which I know sure cannot get one wtf) wish list shall we? :)
No worries, just pictures.

#1 COACH bags are awesome powsome.

#2 Hello Kitty makeup by MAC

#3 Too CUTE to be true. :x

#4 any one of KATE MOSS's topshop collection

#5 Believe it or not, a nice comfy pair of LEGGINGS.

#6 Perhaps this is something more fruitful for my coming finals. :)

Yea so that's basically what an average typical girl wants for christmas heee~
High chance that I would grant some of them myself wtf.

Oh and I just got off youtube watching Mike proposing XiaXue hahaha so swweeet!
Alas! The diva is getting married soon! :)
Congrats to 'em.

Off to study!
Finals next week urgh.


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