Saturday, January 2, 2010


First post for the new year. Woots.
If you guys hadn't notice, I've change the layout of my blog too. Well, that's a few days back before the new year but I guess hey, that layout is getting boring and maybe I should get something more mature and pro-ish lol so I opted for this.


Just the other day I was having dilemma of where to spend my new year, actually, I only came out with a decision at around 8pm on new years eve. I was so so bored!
Received loe's sms on where to meet up but we seriously cant think of any specific place to go hurmph if it was KL it would be a whole lot easier huh? :p

My brother's decision to meet up with his friends at ecmall made me a lil pissed as he mistakenly thought his frens where at EC where the fact is they are at TC. wtf. I had to drive all the way to ECmall and back kayyy see Im such a good sister. :x
The traffic jam didnt helped either!
Later only we found out that its because of the JPN and police blocks.

Maintaining my good sister mentality (hah hah) I send my bro to the beach to meet up with his friends and since it was soooo freaking jam at the beach, I decided to just spent it there le.
Since we were already there.
Speaking bout the jam, fuh I tell ya, it was sooo hard to find parking that I almost end up parking at some stall near the pasar malam which pissed some pasar dudes off wtf.
(and they pissed me off too! grr)
Roamed abit then decided to park at hyatt which suprisingly is free. Ok I don't go to hyatt much so I dunno whether its actually free or what. But of course, have to walk abit le.

The beach was packed as usual, so we went to the hyatt part.
(Is that what its called? lol I dunno kayyy I seldom go there)
Its pretty! Love the lightings! Yeah and I've been knocking my head for not knowing this place all this time. Geez.

And the wind which made the night chilly and nice. (:

But got annoyed by the sand.
I dont know whether its dirty or got some creature hiding inside the sand or something but my foot gets itchy everytime or err, is it just me? :S

There were fireworks!

Take two.

Take three.

On the contrary, I think MrMelvino has some potential to be a model in this pic hahahahhaha.

Oh oh and I forgot this little detail, while we were walking to the hyatt area there, we saw this bunch of like JPN people and we were like, what are they doing here, saman people izzit, but then when we get closer, we realised that it was the pencegah maksiat people hahahhahaha we were soooo wrong and we kept laughing at how silly we were.
Its actually quite scary le minus our silliness.

It was cheezy wedges after that.
It is like the most genius thing to have ever been created by the mankind wtf coz nobody can resist wedges, what more with much cheese and mayo, no?

Even if it means eating it all (well most of it) and not sharing with your sibling thus making him pissed.

So yea, that was how I spend my NewYear.

How bout 'chu?


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