Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bleeding love.

I knew this day would come AGAIN.
By all means, I wasn't really sure I could do this as they were all so cute.
Well, I'm talking bout the rats.
And me, dissecting them, for the third time in my life (i suppose) wasn't something to be proud of either wtf am I crapping, I really enjoy doing this! (:


I thought I would chicken out and let cynthia do all the cutting and tearing and pinning, but seems like the opposite lol! The last time doing this was during my high school days, in form 6 with a crazy bunch of friends who are merciless wtf and chops all the organs out and plan to cook bak kut teh with them *coughs taiweihong the butcher.

This was taken before the experiment thus torture, was done. All geared up I suppose. (:
The rats were freshly killed so it was pretty easy to dissect it, coz everything was still very soft and there were no formalin smell, like the last time.

Okay, I'm not proud to do this kayyy, killing cute lil mouse then dissecting its body when you can still see their hearts pounding. I seriously feel for them when they were poisoned by the chloroform and see them faint, slowly, but we had no choice, its either them or them humans wtf.
For the sake of science.

I'm so sorry pokie oukie,
I'm sorry to cut your rib cage and pull your intestines to one side.
I'm sorry I had to pin your legs and hands.
I'm sorry I had to cut your blood vessels and take your liver out to count how many lobes are there and let you bleed to death (well, I guess you're dead by then already)
Goodbye pokie oukie. =(
I wasn't smiling in this picture, no. I wasn't.

Then again, pokie oukie's liver is so cute that we couldn't bare NOT to take a picture with it.
My lab report marks are dedicated to you pokie oukie.


.. and counting

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