Thursday, January 7, 2010

Funny, how it works.

I was browsing thru my vain pictures folder (yes I did really named it that), and spotted a picture OF me but DOESN'T LOOK like me.

How ironic.

Anyway, I'll be having me first chem lab 2 quiz tomorrow! A lil nervous don't know why.
Housemates are screaming downstairs now lol prolly because they found out something interesting to debate on this time, but it's usually bout Jae Jung =='''

Introduction to medic and phar first class today. The lecturer was somehow convincing more students to enter the pharmacy faculty than medic lol wonder why.


My ambition still remains strong! (:

Apart from studies, another part of me is looking forward for the new year, CNY.
And VERY MUCH MORE looking forward to CNY shopping *grins at mummy
Hope the sales is still on.

Doubt so.

Oh well.


.. and counting

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