Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's a boy!

MELVIN LEE IS FINALLY twentyyy !!! lol and I find it hilarious that everyone in his fb profile was like 'Happy 21st bday melvin!' and he replied back, 'I'm only 2o!!'
Hahaha coz he's the did the PTS thing and he jumped grade so yea, melvinlee you're old! =p


Tempting much? (:
It's actually not that nice, well probably because my expectations of this place and their food were quite high. Except for the beef patty. Quite awesome but a bit waxy-ish. Man, I fail le becoming a food critic. :x

Decided to celebrate his bday at alexis, the gardens coz we heard that the cakes were awesome! Well, it was suppose to be a suprise for him, but he kept bugging me for clues and at last, it wasn't a suprise anymore wtf.

And honestly, the cakes are more tai than the ones in secret recipe! Around 10 bucks per piece and the slices are big ones. The ones in SR are what? 7 bucks plus? ridiculously small and so-so ny. IF you think SR cakes are awesome, then you should try this!

By the look of it you should know its awesome powsome dy what right. (:

Camwhored while waiting for food. I love the shades of my eyes here btw! *vainn
Will tell you how I got it later, probably in the next post. =p

Gimme more! Ra ra rarara.

Gong xi fatt chai mood is soo happening already now. Decorations never fail to amaze me. (:
Pff, unclejanson said I fat already pffffff.
Its the baju okeehhhh.

*shifty eyes

Oh and we managed to check out the fifa cup trophy thingy! It was such a coincidence coz we didn't know it was there on that day (probably mel knew coz he's a huge soccer fan) so yea, we decided to check it out le, since he keeps staring at the banners and stuff. Another so call birthday suprise? *grins

Our babehs!
*had to buy 4 bottles of coke to get 2 tickets or eat a large meal of prosperity burger at mcD, which one cheaper, do the math*

Little did we know that, THE EVENT WAS EFFING AWESOME!
hah, Imagine me saying that, and I'm not a soccer fan somemore. I don't mean to bragg or anything but I think CocaCola did a very good job in promoting and all.

Just look at the crowd.
We expected that oh, its just gonna be an ordinary exhibition thingy, but no! There's games, free ps3 soccer games, some video screenings and oh a 3D screening too!

And there's this super gila game where you see yourself on the screen and balls are dropping on you and you have to hit them wtf something like wii but waaay more gila coz you look like you're doing some funny dance while people are staring and cheering for you!

They gave out free coke like its super cheap liddat. So we just tooook as maaaaany as we can. I know, damn cheap right lol.

Since we cannot bring our camera into where the trophy was, they kindly took and PRINT EM pictures for us! One each.
And got frame somemore one okeehhh like those in photos in disneyland after you sat a scary rollercoaster and face damn shitty one wtf.

This was ours lol wtf. We decided to do some gila pose when everyone else where like standing straight and pose like some stick. Mind you, each person is only given 3 seconds to take photos. And there were sooo many bodyguards making sure everything was ok, its kinda creepy actually.

Cannot go too near the trophy.

Cannot bring your bag up.

*they sorta just threw my coach on the floor WTF!

Cannot put your hand on the stand.

Cannot touch the trophy.

Chill le. It's not like the trophy would fall right?
Errr, then again, would it?

All in all, it was a great experience,
eventhough I wasnt really into this.
Oh, and
Happy Birthday Melmie Oleever!


Janson February 1, 2010 at 10:12 PM  

so, awak dan melvin officially bersama?

Anonymous,  February 5, 2010 at 2:22 AM  

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