Tuesday, January 5, 2010

i've got a feelin'. . .

Random photos taken from the beach photoshoot the other day. (:

Just for the fun of it.

When my eyes decided to get smaller and smaller. ==''

And the sea water was quite dirty.

'Gone by the wind' ?

I see gay-ness in these pictures. O.o

Apple pie afterwards.
I actually tried curly my hair, well mainly just the fringe and as you can see by the pictures it was a total FAILURE.
Oh wait, prolly because I didnt put before curl and after curl hair thingy. Oh well, it was a good try le. Practice makes perfect kan? (:


Being upwoken in the car by dad and he said "Phei Yee, go lunch dy"
Opened my eyes and lazily slip on my wedges, I saw houses around me and I was wondering where in the world am I at now.
Little did I know it was another one of daddy's food hunt lol.

My faithful traveling companion.

This time it was bak kut teh.
KLANG bak kut teh to be precise.

Ordered the 'dry' one and 'wet' one which isnt in the picture.

With ma favourite youcharkuei damn i dunno how to spell le.

No pictures of me camwhoring with the food this time, was too tired and too ugly wtf.

Overall rating, 6/10. Not that nice le.
I prefer the other bak kut tehs horr chernchern babe. :D


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