Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ugga Ugga!

You might not probably heard of it but I so have to have this! (:
I first saw this on Oprah's show where she's giving out all her audience a pair. How lucky!
Still have no clue what I'm talking bout?
Well, I'm talking bout this.

Whooga Ugg Boots!
So adorable right.
Best is there's for Uggs for kids, men etc.
can wear them.

I love this! The buttons just look so cute.


They have this brilliant technology where it is called ThermoFleece.

The thermogenic properties of ThermoFleece treated sheepskin far outstrips the capabilities of standard sheepskin in its ability to regulate the internal temperature of the foot regardless of external temperature variations."

So no reason why cannot wear one of these babies in Malaysia! teehee~
Oh and by posting that little icon at the sidebar of my blog, I stand a chance of winning one of those boots! Cool promo eh? Yeah, You tell me. (:



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