Tuesday, January 19, 2010

WE sing, WE dance, WE steal erk*buy things.

Sorry for the random punchline, I'm suddenly so into Jason Mraz when I started hearing a few of his songs for the past 10 mins lol. Just got back from class feelin a lil shitty coz confirm got 3 wrong in my quiz already hurmph whatever, and now Im waiting for Mr. Nasi Lemak to deliver my nasilemaktelurgorengtambahsambal so I can have ma lunch.
On the other note, class starts at 2 pm tomorrow! Yesh! This is what I call life le. =)

I wish a california temaki can pop in front of me right now.

Well, not virtual le, but as in REALLY HERE FOR ME TO EAT.
I'm seriously super hungry now, fyi, my breakfast everyday is just a box of milo coz I'm too lazy to wake up early to make food for bfast. I don't see the point of it, why not use that precious time in the morning to sleep longer rite. :p

Eki Tempura also can la eventhough I don't like to eat prawns. :9

Ok, I'm officially dumb for tempting myself more with these pictures wtf.

*Kill oneself
I'm so hating myself right now for doing this, I don't know why my hands don't understand how my stomach feels wtf. This is a pizza btw, at italiannes, it looks nice and all but its kinda tasteless, but the skin was thin and crispy though. Mel said Italian people very healthy one so all their food also healthy. Dunno whether true anot lol.

Honestly, I dont really like the food at Italiannies lorh, not my type, more of a TGI fridays person. :)
(in other words, american. ahem*)


nomnomnom i shall continue blogging while eating.


Somebody seems to be enjoying the bread. :x
Don't ask me why also got melvin lee's picture kay, he's the one who brings me out le, so sure le, takkan i wanna be this self obsessed b***** that takes picture of myself ny wtf.

Nah. here's a self obsessed picture of me wtf.

Met girlfriend later for dinner! @ SushiZanmai.
She's having soba!
It was super packed I tell ya, never seen so many people wanna eat sushi in my life before and it aint cheap kayy.

The other members of ee ee family. :)

I had something like steamboat i forgot the name le, I know it aint sukiyaki coz I ate sukiyaki several times when I was in Japan and it aint the same.

With these ingredients.
Heads up :: Share your food if you're on a budget, but want to enjoy nice food. :) That was what I did. Well, that is if you're a person that don't eat THAT much le.

Thanks to my keen eye for detail and melvin's determination to pull me into guess wtf both of us purchase two really chio pumps, gladiator heel for loe babe le. :x
Both of us are very happy of course, coz its our first time buying stuff together with our blogshop earned money! =)

Guess is having this promo now, 2 shoes for RM250! Damn tai okayy! Usually one pair of heels are like 3oo bucks righttt.

I came to knew this last year, where I was purchasing my bag at the same guess shop in gardens and my auntie was like, omg RM250 for two shoes, then she goes on trying the heels as I watch with envy lol.
She then, sent me back to the bus stop (i was suppose to go back to kuantan by bus with ma lil bro) and drag me uncle to the store to buy. :D
Cute le.

Captured by melvinlee. Suitable to end my post, coz my eyes are like -.- now and my visions are like that blur now.


Anonymous,  January 20, 2010 at 1:48 PM  

wah!!! ada olang sudah kaya woh...
boleh belanja starbucks liao lo.
BR pun boleh sama2x belanja

Janson January 20, 2010 at 10:45 PM  

Ada duit beli GUESS tapi tak boleh belanja KOPI STARBUCKS????

DUSH.... apa ni????

Isss Dontsssss Likessssss Itssssss :-)

Please, just call me pheiyee. January 23, 2010 at 12:28 AM  

HAHAHAH yalar yalar. Starbucks secawan aite.
the rest, i spend on lynnlynn later in life lol. =p

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