Friday, February 12, 2010


Found this old picture in my camera today.
Ahh, parents came to fetch me today, got to see my noisy brother after what, a few months? This was taken the last time he visited me. How time flies huh. (:

And that was the time when I still had my blue lense, damnit I accidentally drop one side of it into the shitty sink the other day when I was about to removed it and was feeling like the world would come to an end the next few days. Sigh. So how bout that, a sad sad story to start of my post wtf.

ANYWAY, what about the Kris Allen story.

I had to say, I was, well, EXTREMELY lucky! Seriously. It all started when ...

OHSHIT MY BATTERY 10% left ny now.

Next post next post, I promise! :x


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