Monday, February 15, 2010

Facebook junkie bloggin on Kris Allen Live!

I just realised that I'm a Facebook junkie, coz I've been cranky last night coz I wasn't able to log onto me facebook. What is this. Sigh.

But as promise, I'm here to blog about Kris Allen Live In Malaysia! Eventhough its a lil old news.
Suddenly my life so happening right lol
He came down last monday for an autograph session at MidValley and guess what I didnt knew about this thangg until LeeMelvin told me. I knew it was all over the news, on Hitz fm and Astro BOTH PROGRAMMES I DON'T PAY ATTENTION TOO. =(
I listen to fly fm and my apartment no Astro, so too bad le. Oh and lately, I've been downloading American Idol Season 9 coz there wasn't any Astro again duh, and yea Avril sucks in judging no offense!

And here he is. (:
There was this dilemma.
The terms was that only the first 200 people would get his original CD signed.
It starts at 6pm and FML I have class till 4pm.
So likethisla, we just go and try our luck le.

And so I was there, running for my life to get to the centre atrium while LeeMelvin was looking for parking and when I was there, not many people suprisingly. Was so friggin happy but when I found out there had been 200 people in line, I was how you say, a little down.

You know what, all these running is actually quite funny lorh coz
firstly, I'm not a HUGE kris allen fan, and
secondly, I don't know why I'm so ganjiong for his autograph lol.

I wonder what would happen if its David Archuleta, full house? (:

Waiting with much patience.

He had such a cute entrance, that made us scream. AGAIN.

We waited and waited, and suprisingly he was on time, early somemore! Not like other celebs I know. As usual, girls screaming (including me wtf) and cameras flashin. And there he is in the picture, trying to calm us down lol.

Some closeup pictures.

Oh and bout my so called lucky story, we manage to get autographs!
The "Kris Allen" security some how let those people with his original CDs in the line and I staring at those people who got thru and I was like wtf? Liddat also can?!
So guess what, we did the same thing too lol ran and get our CDs and got thru too!
And LeeMelvin was the very last person to get his signature!
Though I really feel sorry to those who waited in line for hours.

Awesome stuff!

So conclusion is, try your luck, go for it!
You'll never know what you might get or see.


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