Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pampered, much?

I'm not shy to admit that I'm pampered, in fact, my aunties usually say I have "expensive" taste, I'm actually quite proud of that lol. I'm not trying to sound boastful or something but I gotta say, I thank my mum and dad for pampering me, if not I'll never ::

know how starbucks choco cream chip taste like, 

get to shop at branded shops, 

know how it feels to learn how to play a piano,

know how it feels like sitting a camry wtf, 

learn how to drive and bang other peoples auto gate wtf MAX, 

have my very own laptop 


be able to further my degree in med!

Hence, I should be appreciating what I have now. 
And indeed I am, really! Eventhough I'm accumulating more new stuff day by day. =D 
So since I'm so free today (coz I just finished Chemistry exam), I'm going to blog about the stuffs I have or I am currently into.
Firstly, me wardrobe.

This is the wardrobe that I have now, in Cyberjaya. The other half is in Kuantan wtf. Nothing fancy shmancy, the cupboard is kinda small too. I'm kinda thinking of selling some away, since it would be full soon, I think.  But everytime I think of wanting to sell it, I would think of the times in the future that I would want to wear it. Senang cerita, don't sell sudah.

Oh and these are some of my pants wtf.
I used to have this obsession towards mini denim pants, the shorter the better wtf and mommy really dislikes it especially if I wore 'em out at night. Well, at night are the times when go yamcha whaaat right? :)
Bought one from Japan which is around 2K yen in a shopping mall. Couldn't resist!

I'm very much into leggings now.
Find it really easy to match and wear, for those days that you feel toooo lazy to wear your jeans, why not go for leggings right? Yours for only RM40! 
(whot! cannot differentiate blogging my blogshop post and my own blog post now)

Get the one with better denier, thicker and more comfortable, preferably one from either miss selfridge, dorothy perkins, or topshop. Not to say because they are branded le and they're not cheap also but their quality are really good and comfy! European brands tend to produce more comfortable leggings, I kidd you not!

Secondly, me make up.

Coz it makes me beautiful wtf. Not only make up le, body shop acne treatment set, which I cannot live without now. Bought this drawer thingy from Ikea and personalized it with baby pink with white drawers!

All mixed up. :)
BB cream and rimmel powder foundation is the best! For me le, coz I have pimples, ish.
Notice the grey HUGE flower there? Bought that from f21, pavillion for 10bucks.
But now its kinda expensive already, perhaps more people are using it now?
I think its really pretty and awesome coz its versatile and can pin it anyway you like.
If you have long curl wavy hair, then its going to fit more gorgeously!
Oh and with this, you can even get compliments from you college buddies on whether anot they can water your flower today =.=''

More accessories from f21. Diva and f21 are very much selling quite similar accessories, but I don't really know why most of the time Diva mostly overprice stuff, like the flower for example, almost similar, but 30 bucks! Heck, I can get 3 of them! So yea, I always get my accessories from f21.

Paris blings! Well, not really, they are earring with another side missing in action. Super chio! :)

Lil' PhiPhi here is me laundry basket. =D
Shoo cute right me little lizard.

Thirdly, some other random stuff.

Here is my information board. Hmm, not really informative really, just some timetables and quiz papers, err and a whole lot of vain pictures, shopping tags, receipts and vouchers wtf. I pin up the receipts as a reminder on how much I spend and try to make myself guilty of spending that money everytime I look at them. Boo!

Well, so far, that's it I guess.
Apartment room is small, so there's nothing much. :)

Have a great friday! 


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