Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stick with it?

I'm hating the weather now.  

I use to hate the monsoon season as my clothes always gets wet. 
BUT NOW, its so hot that I practically feel my skin burning every single time I'm out, especially in the afternoon! And staying in cyberjaya doesn't help either; blame the developments and less trees. :(

Exam starts this week. Wow.
Heat AND exams.
Wonder how am I gonna cope with those two. :S

I've discovered something new to me this week, something called the draftblogger! wtf I know I'm so slow with all this updates and stuff blabla but I'm super in love with the functions! Way cooler and nicer.

As for those who don't know what this is, its basically something like a test run for blogger, to let us try the features before making it permanent on blogger. Still in the process of learning, so that's why me bloggie looks abit run down wtf bare with me people barrreeee witthhhh meeee!

Oh and what do you think bout the new layout? I actually wanted one that can make my pictures look BIG (bigger than the ones now) but still in hopes of finding 'em. Sigh.

This might sound abit random, but I'm back to watching Ghost Whisperer. =D
I started with season 5 then I realised that I've skipped season 4, no wonder I was so lost when I first started watching season 5. =='' (I'm an avid fan of this series, trust me, used to follow every week on 8tv wtf) Anyhow, on the right track now, and super ganjiong le! And don't you think Melinda Gordon is like, the prettiest human on earth everytime I watch it wtf always caught up with jealousy coz I think her hair is always perfect, ALWAYS.

Ok, this post might sound boring, but sorry le nothing very "happening" happen this week, thus the lack of
pictures, except that mid sem break ended (boo!). Probably next week eh? :)

Till then,
Happy "Sweating" !


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