Monday, February 8, 2010

We only got 86 400 seconds in a day.

Hello readers, sorry for the lack of updates. Had been REALLY REALLY BUSY.
Okay so,
If you hadn't notice the news on Hitz, Kris Allen is coming to Malaysia!


I didn't know it at first, coz I was too bimbo, lately. ==''
I hardly touch the papers nowadays, unless my friend buys it and I cease the opportunity to read the entertainment section.


I'm so katak bawah tempurung. ==''
Mom told me to read but I kept on forgetting, fyi when i go online I'll only open my gmail, hotmail, facebook and blogshop wtf soo inside my 'little shell'.

Speaking bout Kris Allen, going to see him tomorrow! (:
I decided not to get this album first as I heard only the first 200 would get em sign, so, fat chance my album would be signed. Perhaps just go and hear him sing? (:

Chinese New Year is next week, mygawd can't believe its next week!

Decorations are up! Lovely bamboos and lanterns at the Curve.

Look at the bamboos mom and dad! FYI, me parents loveeee plants. As in massive kaokao love plants. Unfortunately, those genes aint inherited to me, and thank God it wasn't. =p

Gotta go, its 1.21am now wtf.
Till then,
it ain't that early too wish GONGXIFATTCHAI right? (:
Angpow na lai.
damn my chinese is so good.


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