Tuesday, March 23, 2010

GLEEful !

I'm currently very very very much addicted to GLEE.
I use to think that I'm to miss this out coz Astro StarWorld is "so far" away from me but now, thanks to my collmate who downloaded the whole episode, I'm hooked to it 24/7!
Their songs are so addictive!
Although I think Rachel is kinda bitchy but she sings superbly awesome damn!

 Haha. Signature pose. (:

Why my high school days don't have this kinda cool cool club one. *sulk
College also don't have. T_____T
I wanna dance! and sing!

Oh and on a GLEEful mode,

I blinged my phone! a few weeks ago
Well, sorta. I wanted to go with the whole blingbling thing but it didn't turn out nice (or perhaps I don't know how to do it well) so I just did the left corner and right corner with the purikura taken with my host sisters when I was in Japan. Memories. (:

Didn't do anything to the front part coz I wasn't all that outrageous to go for the whole bling thang. =/
Am currently using SE C510 cybershot. Have to slide down to use to camera, so for obvious reasons I cannot 'bling' there. Anyhow am contempt with my phone . . . until I start working teehee.

Perhaps next time there would be an I-berry ay? *grins


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