Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hunting for food at Jonker Walk!

Phei Yee's edition! These pictures are way overdue actually. Was taken err, last december? =D
I seldom go to Jonker Walk. Well, I only go there when I'm either bringing people around Malacca or if my uncle and aunt are like super free to bring me coz,

NUMBER ONE :: I dont know the way there AND
NUMBER TWO :: My parents don't let me drive in Malacca. Hurmph.

How ironic right, born in Malacca but don't really know Malacca.
Anyway moving on, Malacca is of course famous for its cendol, but not every cendol that you find in Malacca is good. The one made by BabaNyonya are usually sweet, but some people love that and I'm one of them. (: There are a few cendol stalls in Jonker Walk, and they are always full, usually with singaporeans. Other than cendol, they do serve asam laksa and some other local delicacies. Never had the chance to try them coz its always packed!

Awesome! I love mine without red beans and lots of gula melaka.

Brain freeze! The cendol was satisfying, since Jonker Walk is always packed and hot.
Moving on, there's this :

BingBing Candy! Well, thats what I call it, since I don't know its actual name. So basically, this is a traditional hard candy where you would have to use the metal hammer/stick/whatsoever to break 'em and it makes the sound bingbing so hence, the name.

Aww. There used to be an uncle doing this. But now, I guess his grandson took over. (:
Btw, what does the Chinese words on the banner say huh?

Commercial break wtf. Cousin Caitlyn seems to be in search for good food too. Uber cute!

Other food that can be found at Jonker,

This ain't something new ain't it. Lil pancakes can be found almost everywhere now.

DIMSUM! waaaaa so commercialize everywhere also got dimsum now wtf.

Sticky peanut kuih thingy! This is nice too, but a lil too expensive and so little. MYR3 per packet.

Oh and this is my personal favourite,

 Popsicles! With all kinds of flavours; sarsi, orange, lemon, some red colour fruit


There's of course more food available at Jonker Walk, but this are some of my personal favourites.
Hope you like the pictures! <3


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