Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Back with updates! Was busy the whole of last week, mainly studying and err, some other stuff  *coughs photoshoots. Anyway yadadadada, its about time I should update my blog.

We usually have this dilemma when we go Pavilion.
The distance from our place, parking expensive, and hear this, don't know what to eat, coz duhh most of the food there are expensive. =.=''
So, yea the last time we went there, we decided to try this ::

Little Ben10! *its not halal though
Coz they have several set meal for only rm9.90 wtf.
In their promotional banners they printed out pictures of bento sets, but turn out there wasn't any when we went there, was quite disappointed actually. Feel like kena con ny. =(

While waiting for food and my eyes were nearly blinded by Mel's flash. Good thing about it is that, my pimples would be less visible hehe, bad thing? Eyes pain.

The interior was pretty creative. (:

Day dreaming AGAIN.

I ordered sailor mee if I'm not mistaken, bahh I'm really bad in remembering food names. It was pretty awesome, given that its actually something like high class min fan kou. Didn't went for the set meal, coz it wasn't sometime I like.

Comes together fried wanton and soup too.

All in all, the meal was satisfying and yes, I was full. (:

Some vain shots later outside. :p

My hair! extensions *tears of joy
But I think I look like some China kampung girl going to the city in this picture wtf.


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