Monday, March 29, 2010

Our version of Ripleys.

I always wanted to go to Ripleys. Yupe the one at Genting.
Hadn't really had the opportunity before this as I was too occupied with the theme parks and some of my friends say there's nothing much and a waste of money.
Well, I wanted to check it out myself, so I decided to go for it!

Our trip to Genting was something out of the sudden.
Wanted to get away from the KL heat soo badly. (:

The entrance fee is RM18 for an adult, so we fully utilized our time there, read EVERY describe, took LOTS OF pictures, so that it was worth every single penny. We had fun!

Was greeted by the fattest man in the world.

Next the have these riddles and illusion puzzles hung up on the wall.

And this is one of them. I actually ask Mel to take this photo coz I was to lazy to count without my calculator wtf. There must be some formula to crack this thingamegic.

I got stuck at this so called "mystery gate" where mentioned, looks can be deceiving try opening the gate. Still had no clue after 10 mins. T______T

Random. (:

The world's tallest's guy's chair. I feel like Alice in her wonderland now.

Even Mel looks small on it. Aww.

Ok. I'm officially the luckiest girl on earth now. Tomorrow going to buy toto. 50 big 50 small.



" Now where did I keep my biology textbook. "

Suddenly out of nowhere there's this room with a pool table so we started taking slut pictures lol.

 We can officially be pool table models wtf.
Love the lights btw. Awesome.

Oh and I love this part the best. Whacky mirrors! Super farnie.

HAHAHAHA Big puppy eyes.

 HAHAHAHA melvin lee, you fat boy.

My leg disappeared @.@

 HAHAHAHA giraffee.

 Ooo. I guess I don't need hair extensions anymore.

HAHAHAHA melvin lee why your head so long.

 Pay back time. T_______T

 A room full of neckties which I had no idea why but its pretty.

Love this! Although mel's specs looks like goggles.

The dizzy tunnel. Yet another illusion.
I think mel did an awesome job taking this pic.

Finally, we reach the end of the whole fun trip. There's actually many more stuff, mostly voodoo stuffs le, was kinda scared to take pictures of them. @.@
Overall it was fun! ♥


.. and counting

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